$8Light Weight Utility Knife

This is my go to pocket knife. Cheap enough to keep on every desk in your house. 

This is made for light weight work. It is made of plastic, so please don’t try to use massive amount of pressuer on it. 

Great for everyday use, weighs about 10 grams with a blade in it. Each knife comes with one high quality craftsman blade.

$5No Touch Door Opener

Had a couple of people ask me if I could 3D print them a No-Touch door opener after they kept getting ads for them. I’ve designed my own. They will work on most doors you find in public, and you can use the end to type in your pin at a store.

Colors vary, but if you want a specific one I can make it for an extra fee. (depends on if I have the color and the cost of that filament)

I can ship these for you too! Just let me know the address and I can get you a quote on shipping.

$18Custom Wallets

I spent about 2 years perfecting my small wallets. They have been made of wood, acrylic and no I’m making the with PLA plastic. 

I have some old wooden and acrylic ones knocking around if anyone is interested. I can let them go at a discount.

$30NES Grips

The worlds most comfortable NES Shells.

Available shells for the NES are lacking in longtime comfort. We fixed that. Modeled off of a popular modern console controller, you are free to play your old games with the comfort of modern times.

I have available stock and you can view them at NES4.fun

Want one of these?