Voyager Wallets

After being unhappy with the wallets availabel on the market, I created a premium aluminum wallet. I spent years perfecting the design in wood and plastic, and now have them CNC machined out of a block of aluminum.

Available now on ETSY

3D Printing Designs

I love solving problems with 3D printing. I try to keep all my models free to print. Check out my library of things you can make for yourself.

Custom NES Grips

Available shells for the NES were lacking in comfort. I fixed that. Modeled off of a popular modern console controller, you are free to play your old games with the comfort of modern controllers.

Available now on ETSY

Past Projects

  • iFixie

    I ran a computer repair business in Chattanooga for over 13 years. It helped me meet a bunch of cool people in the city, and gave me the ability to work on a lot of great projects.

    Thanks to the hard work from some great friends, we were able to help over 74,000 service industry workers receive 124,000 generous tips during the start of the pandemic.